I love London. Just there at Triyoga and around the place generally. “He who is tired of London is tired of Life!” Who said that? Well I’m not tired of London and what I like most about it is that it was the home to The Kinks, The Beatles, The Stones, The Who, Led Zep, Incredible String Band, Jimi was discoverd first in London, Mark Bolan, Freddie Mercury etc etc. They took black music out of America and fed their version back to American public and the world.. their poetry and music changed us forever, thank god. I met Paul McCartney and thanked him and the Beatles for changing the social mind forever by insisting on staying ordinary people, working class heros, while they became the most famous people. He very humbly said,”well we didn’t intend that but yes I see what you mean. That did happen.” He appreciated the point and we had a big hug. I so appreciate him. The stranglehold of hierachical sytems in spiritual and secular society has diminished dramaticaly and now the ordinary is to be celebrated by many. London is full of historical places where the great music events happened. The all time champions of the ordinary man and woman in my view are the Kinks. Ray and Dave Davies have done great work that is worthy of alot of attention. Here is a line from Ray’s new album.. “You can learn your lines and fabricate a show. But the way we come in is the way we gonna go” Love that. The music that Shanee Reem and I have done is almost out, The Pure Love Project, CD and dvd visuals.

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