Yoga: a seamless process designed for individual needs. Jnana, Bhakti, Hatha, Karma, Kriya, Sidhha Yoga are one.

Our teacher Krishnamacharya described all the different yoga categories as belonging together as an integrated holistic approach to be adapted to the needs of each individual. He insisted that it was a wrong approach of Western thinking to split them apart as if they could be isolated from each other. For example he would say, “there is no jnana yoga (understanding) without bhakti yoga (love devotion). There was no bhakti yoga without hatha yoga (whole body intimacy with life). From these spring forth the natural yogas such as karma yoga (service), kriya yoga (purification) or siddha yoga (powers). They are practiced in a seamless easeful way according to each individual. It is the teacher’s role to help a student identify what is right for them according to age, health, lifestyle and cultural background. It is important to note that Krishnamacharya taught that hatha yoga was the principle means of bhakti and the practical way that the goals of bhakti, therefore jnana are obtained. Asana, which is hatha yoga, the non dual practice of direct intimacy with life he taught to be the first responsibility of a spiritual life because it is the sadhana (that which CAN be done to realize the ideals of faith.) It is whole body prayer to life from which all siddhis (powers of life) are spontaneously realized. Just like you cannot put your self to sleep willfully through effort (this only prevents sleep) you cannot attain the higher ideals of Yoga without this practical means of hath a yoga. It would be tantamount to trying to go to sleep without turning off the lights and laying down.
Hatha yoga is intimacy with all ordinary conditions, which spontaneously reveals and enables us to feel the source of all conditions. No matter what language of faith and devotion is used to express the beautiful ideals of “source or “God” or “absolute reality” hatha yoga is the universal means of them all. So when a person understands that their asana practice is the action of bhakti, it is meditation in action it gives them a lot of hope courage and fortitude amidst of the difficulties of life because it is tangible, something that can really be accomplished. Daily practice brings rapid tangible results. The person begins to feel the “One Life,” “the source of all.” When one’s heart has been broken through loss of a loved one, however that occurs, the heart restores in this tangible love relationship to Life itself, that which beats the heart and moves the breath and all things. One is no longer dependent on the exclusive representation of love through that one person. Somehow the grief becomes manageable and understandable in the big picture of the comings and goings in life and death.
In the entire great tradition of human wisdom the universal method is the mutual affection between two real people, the teacher student relationship. This is not a relationship of authority over another, it is not a parent child relationship. It is one of utter mutuality. The teacher is no more than a friend and no less than friend. In this friendship real bhakti arises, not manufactured feelings for an authority or public persona, trying to get somewhere, trying to get something that seems absent most of the time. The teacher has no interest but to empower the student, to give the tools that allows the student to stand in his or her own power. When this happens true devotion, very real life long gratitude arises between two people who are obviously standing in the same garden! the same reality.
Even in the sophisticated dharmas of Buddhism and Vedanta this very simple method, the mutual love between two real people is the essential method of their dharma. It is no more or less than the real affection between friends and lovers in real life who are truly there and care for each other in the energy dynamics of giving to and receiving each other. This is what a daily asana practice hatha yoga inhale exhale as strength receiving empowers a person to feel in their every day life. It is the means that gives the siddhis (gifts or powers) of relationship and devotion, whether that be for one’s teacher or the rich depth of love and friendship in everyday life.
When I say “our” teacher when referring to Krishnamacharya I mean that he is essentially the source teacher to everyone who is involved in modern day yoga in that he is the “teacher of the teachers.” He is the teacher to Mr B. K. S. Iyengar and therefore all the Iyengar derivative styles. He is also the teacher to Mr K Patabhi Jois the founder of Ashtanga Vinyasa. So Krishnamacharya’s principles actually belong in all these systems that have been popularized. It makes the Yoga that you know and love entirely your own, efficient powerful and safe.
Finally a quote from Krishnamacharya, “Because everything is Ishvara, surrender to any object is surrender to the Ishvara.” That is…Because everything is God, surrender to anything is surrender to God.. a rock, a river, the ocean, the animal kingdom, plant kingdom, the moon, the sun, mother, father, spouse, teacher, friend, the floor boards or your own breath!
Come if you can to help me launch The Promise July 27 Aug 3 at the intense healing grounds of Esalen where the ancient people went to the hot springs at the edge of the Pacific to heal or die.

The Dharma: Residing as Witness Consciousness vs Embrace a Chosen Direction with Continuity

There is definitely transmission from others and it cannot be dismissed and it is universal. This faith expressed in different languages and culture that everyOne has whatever the tradition needs to be honored respected and cannot be argued with. Yet these cultural identities only create fear and separation paradoxically and humanity has not even yet matured into seeing we are all the same despite wild and interesting differences. Argument never wins. The only thing to do, I find, is to give the faithful Yoga and then that takes them Somewhere beyond cultism.
But dharma wise this is what I recon! It is a question of, “what is your spiritual priority” to abide as witness consciousness to all arising conditions until you reside only as consciousness itself in which all “things” arise, where these are no subject object relationships only Reality. OR merge / embrace your chosen direction or object with continuity until you are completely merged with that object. In so doing you know the object but also synchronistically you know the knower of the object, consciousness itself, that in which all object / subject relations are arising. This was essentially Krishnamacharya’s teaching and he taught that it was necessary to all religious practice. It is the practical means by which the first mentioned idea, the “residing as consciousness only” would arise as a spontaneous “given” siddhi. It cannot be practiced but is given. Just like in the analogy of sleep. You cannot put your self intentional to sleep. But sleep is surely “given” when you make the conditions right. So i maintain that the senior spiritual priority is an appropriate Yoga, intimacy with all ordinary conditions. Then dissociation from ordinary conditions will never arise in attempt to be “spiritually” accomplished. That is, if one is attempting to “reside as witness only” before a life of Yoga, a life of intimacy has been established it only causes dysfunction and dissociation from life itself, which I see is the entire cause of humanity’s suffering, i.e. the lack of intimacy with life in all its forms. This has been forced on humanity too soon out by doctrine and power structure entirely out of the context of an actual Yoga, which now must be restored for everyOne. If the gift or siddhi arises genuinely, (the awareness that all is consciousness, or simply all IS One) in the life of Yogic intimacy it will never cause dissociation or cultism. And finally the merge with the object of choice is the age old anciently proven method of all the Great Traditions. The mutual love / affection between two real people IS the only method there really is in all the traditions. When it comes down to it, even in sophisticated dharma such as Vedanta or Buddhism they acknowledge that all insights arise in the fundamental relationship, one’s love for another. For example in the Mahamudra cults of Tibetan Buddhism their fundamental meditation inquiry is “no object, no subject no action,” but this meditation is gently given and practiced in the prior practice, which is mutual affection for an actual real life person, one’s Guru and intimacy compassion in all relationships. This is why Krishnamacharya would say “the Buddha was a Yogi. and Yoga is required.” That is, intimacy with all ordinary conditions. To be intimate with your own body and breath allows one to be intimate with another, one’s spouse, one’s Guru. That is body, breath and relationship in that order. And he would say Yoga is what one does as a practical response to the first sign of Grace. It enables us to stay intimate in our chosen direction, our “Ishta” with ease and continuity. Other wise we turn even Grace into an experience that has passed and the mind gets busy trying to grasp it again without the practical means of a search less Yoga.. direct participation in the Given life, which is only a nurturing regenerative continuity.
In the Great Tradition the avatar, Guru and Jivamukti appeared in a culture where Yoga was understood. It was mother’s milk of culture, a given and there was always the acharya in cooperation with the avatar, that could guide each person in there appropriate Yoga, their appropriate response to Grace or Life itself without seeking. Except Yoga has almost disappeared and something else exaggerated is being taught. Those who are spiritually sensitive, when they see modern day yoga reject it as being irrelevant, which it is. Real Yoga for real people must be given now as the fundamental and practical means of a spiritual life or any kind of life that wants to feel all that there is to feel.

The Avatar Is Not the Best Teacher. The cooperative symbiotic relationship between Avatar, Jivamukti guru, acharya and student in devotional community, the base of civilization

In Patanjali’s Yogasutra he points out that some people are born into an extraordinary state of grace, commonly known as “enlightened” a God realized avatar. Such people report their extra ordinary experience and through proximity their devotees have extraordinary experience by their avataric influence. Patanjali’s Yogasutra appeared around 330BC coincident with the time of the Buddha Yogi and the great review of Vedic wisdom.

However he also states that such people, though interesting are not the best teachers. Why, because they do not know the common human experience. They do not know suffering. They can even delude and lead you away from your own dharma or way. The Yogasutra makes clear that the best teacher is the acharya, a person who has gone through the process of suffering, the progression removing obstruction from their life. They have gone through and know the process of Yoga, from suffering to freedom. They have known human limitation. They are able to be truly helpful to a person who is suffering; to give them appropriate practice and recommendation designed for their unique situation.

It is not that there aren’t such people born into a state of permanent freedom, illumination beyond all limits. There are many examples. It is naturally occurring; so they have their vital place in our lives. Such people are indeed inspiring. It is just that in the traditions, always and all ways an appropriate Yoga is Given. It is what we do in response to such a graceful meeting. We can learn this from an acharya, one who has gone through the process. In the ancient world there was a clear distinction between the avatar and the jiva mukti acharya, one who is liberated through a process of Yoga and who can therefore adapt yoga to individual needs for others. There was an acknowledged empathetic mutuality between such people in the community.

In our own time the relationship between U. G. Krishnamurti and Satya Sai Baba was like that. Sai Baba would send people to U. G. in Bangalore because he knew U. G. could help. He knew that his avataric gifts and skills were not ultimately useful for a person without an actual and practical means.

So my point always is that there must be a right Yoga as the practicum, the practical response to what has inspired us. We learn from someone who has a good teacher them selves, practice them selves, and care for others in practical ways. The teacher is no more than a friend and no less than a friend. This is the necessary context of Yoga transmission. This true friendship is beyond social definition and is beyond personal or social identity.

For good reason many people have rejected the concept of Guru because it has been used fraudulently as a social defense and manipulation. In fear the so-called guru protects himself from social interaction and normal mutuality. There has been a valid denunciation of world religion built on the Guru principle that is only used as a power mechanism. An infant argument rages between the atheist and the theist, the guru cults of Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and many many more. However, the Guru as a a real function is not an authority, or senior position, or even a personal identity. And we do need others, at least one other because we come in packs, we are social animals. We need to have some One in whom we can trust. It is my wish that we do not throw the baby out with the bath water, that we will restore this natural function around the world as the necessary means to yoga transmission and real human help, real intimacy and liberation.  We need our gurus and avatars but they are not what we have been led to believe. It is not the social dynamic of realized and non-realized, more and less, which is the problem of our commonly defined of gurus, Popes and priests. The quality of the teacher student is simply sincere affection and caring in an equal and mutual relationship. The mutual affection between two real people is the context of spiritual transmission and it always has been. Even in the sophisticated dharmas of Buddhism and Vedanta that speak of “no thing” or Only God, when it comes down to it these lofty realizations are transmitted through the plain love between two very real “objects,” two very real people.

The avatar concept has created the social dynamic of inequality and can even create delusion that no yoga is necessary. The experiences generated through proximity to them suggest that just being with the guru is sufficient. Many gurus’ teachings are just that: be in relationship with me. Co-dependence is created where the power of the individuals own yogic directions are lost.  In the tradition it is understood however that Yoga is what you do in response to Guru’s grace. It was never absent. Further more, not just any Yoga but the Yoga that is right for you. “Following the Guru’s destination is another way of loosing your self.” In other words it must be your Yoga and not just the duplication of arbitrary practices and patterns that are passed on by charm, authorities or culture. 

This of course is the set up of the entire social mind, whether Christ, Buddha, Mohammad, or the contemporary Guru authorities, ideals and practices are set up, and there is no Yoga, no individual empowerment. The teachers teach with a cadence of authority, often sounding charming, sincere and certain but delusional to themselves and others. This arrangement creates social illusion, the fact of disempowerment, individuals trying to get enlightened, imagining they are not, trying to get to God as if God could be absent, yet creating the imaginary absence. It created hierarchy in society that disempowered, degraded the common life. To be a householder, to be in the village still having sex and family was less than the heroic gesture of the monastic life. Sex and mother hood were diminished even degraded as being even the obstruction to spiritual evolution. Of course the opposite is true. Stop looking start living!

Side Note

An interesting side note is that the Buddha, Christ and Mohamed in their actual human lives were not such avatars but indeed acharya Yogis who had been through their ordeals of human suffering and worked it out. Hundreds of years later they were deified by hierarchical systems for power.

Many try and have claimed to be avatars, either themselves or later their followers. The most effective way to fool the people is to fool your self first. But real avataric appearances are few and far between. Who is an avatar and who is not remains interesting debate. Are their transcendent masters or not, is a good question. This humorous pondering went on around even the Krishnamurtis, J and U. G. who were both involved and rejected the Theosophists who had proposed that spiritual masters were present to guide humanity. J and U. G. toyed with this game of belief, seeming to reject the notion and other times flirting with affection that they had their masters. They were always encouraging people to go beyond mere belief systems into each their own visceral non-mediated experience of life. Although U. G. was usually emphatically dismissive implying that the idea of divine consciousness entering as an exclusive human was a spooky idea that implied that the divine was absent from every one else. With non-yoga teachings that denied sex and motherhood these systems have stripped humanity of real intimacy. On the whole the avatar is a deceitful social construct that has disempowered humanity. The avatar must be redefined and understood. And there needs to be a practical appropriate response to such a One that is all about receptivity and not the denial of experience.

The whole question is finally beside the point when we see that we live in a depthless reality, a profound wonder and intelligence that is each and every ordinary life. There is as much intelligence to create a stone, a piece of dirt, a blade of grass to completely blow the mind. The appearance of anything is a perfect wonder. If we see this wonder in the life of another person, in our friend or Guru, so be it. That is beautiful and we will probably feel that wonder with all teachers, even the frauds because they too are life.

The avatar is some One born with the inherent knowing that they are everything. There is only one nurturing reality and they are that and can explain that you are that too. They are not authorities, not superiors, not different from you and me and do not feel themselves to be different from you and me. Their realization does not create a sniff of personal or social identity or status. They are utterly ordinary and extremely practical people.  If there is any one with that certainty in your life, born with it or established later, a friend, someone with whom you have a real relationship let them stand in your life. This could be a famous person or not, just honest, real and ordinary. Without requirement, expectation or need, be with anything or any one who is certain that life is a nurturing force. That everything is arising in nurturing source reality. Find some one or something that communicates to you that the universe knows exactly what it is doing in your case. That you are in good hands here, completely loved and cared for. Be with that flower, a friend, father or mother (either in archetypal cultural form or actual person) as your own, standing in your life as love. The Guru is a caring friend that is all. They make nothing of it.“ No more than a friend no less than a friend.” And Yoga is what we do in response. It is the means to respond, feel, and participate directly in nurturing abundance of your life in the way that is completely the natural relatedness of your life.  One day it turns in to the same certainty for you but don’t even look for that or require it. In Yoga there is no requirement to manipulate the body or the energy in attempt to know the source, rather it is the other way round. We start with the heart that is felt in the simple participation in the union of all opposites. In the opposites we find their source. Such as exhale with inhale, strength with receptivity, within and without.

If pain continues don’t worry it is the healing. Yoga is the pragmatic way to co-operate with nurturing but you can’t determine exactly when and how the healing works, but it is. You do it for your self and past present and future generations. The nurturing flows through. Just do your Yoga.


So to all who follow guru, be it in the context of the great world religions or the new age religions and for those who have finished with religion but want to feel better. There must be a practical means. Without practical means things get worse. People live in two worlds, the ideal and the blandness of their every day experience. There must be a realistic Yoga established as one’s life priority. The bottom line is: we are utterly nurtured, Yoga or not. And Yoga is our chosen participation in the profound nurturing that is upon us. By Yoga we know the natural state, the place from which the avatar speaks. It is our practical response to the love we feel with such a One.

We drive our own car, steer our own directions, fulfill our own desires in the guru’s company. We are thrown off mass transit’s predefined destiny and patterns, hurtling along like frightened sheep. We do our own Yoga, our own direct intimacy with reality (body breath and relationship in that order).

Yoga: The Union of Opposites, The Heart is the whole body and all its relationships, Left is Right etc, You are a flower blooming in your own garden.

Left is Right, Inner is Outer etc
Yoga is the union of all opposites. Your participation in the opposites does more than you know. Please observe that left IS right… left is literally the right, yet can be defined and experienced independently and are also utterly the same as each other. You are the whole body. Please observe that base IS the crown… you are the whole body. And please observe that your inner IS the outer. You are literally another person, a tree, a cloud, the sky, solid ground and moon and stars. You are the whole body appearing in this vast context utterly one with and dependant on everything for your Life, yet amazingly an autonomous individual as well free to steer in any direction you choose. By these simple means you know your Reality. Nurturing source reality is appearing in you as you.
You are a flower blooming in your own garden
Your first form arrived as one cell known as the heart. A spark of Life, initiated by male female, giving and receiving union of opposites, the catalyst of nurturing, your spirit took form and the source became seen. This one cell is the portal to absolute nurturing reality, mother source. Poetically it is the jewel in the lotus. She has unfolded like a flower in bloom as a subtle body, the movement of energy through your whole form. And she has manifested as your physical form. Well, you are not a flower. You are a human. But the same life beauty, wonder, intelligence is blooming as you. Indeed there are subtle structures in your body like flowers. So you ARE a flower blooming in your own garden. Rest in that. Searchlessly see the flower petals unfolding from the heart. Be in the tips of petals. Be in your skin and all ordinary conditions. Nurturing energy flows from the heart. The love prana flows from the hridaya and everything is nurtured in all directions.
The Heart, The Whole, Source of All Appearance, From Where Opposites Originate, Served and Sustained by Union of All Opposites
In Yoga there is no requirement to manipulate the body or the energy in attempt to know the source, rather it is the other way round. We start with the heart that is felt in the simple participation in the union of all opposites. The heart or “hrid” is felt as the place where all opposites are in union and the origin of all opposites, from where the life energy flows, nurturing the physical and all its relationship. Yoga starts and ends with reality participation. The hrid manifest as all life as the giving and receiving functions of life. (hri = to give, d = receive).
It is felt in the body as:
1. heart on the right (hrid, causal nurturing origin)
2. heart in the center (anahata heart chakra and all chakra, the nurturing energy flow base to crown from the hrid enjoyed as mantra and yantra)
3. physical pumping heart on the left.
There is no value system one higher than the other. Resting in one gives access to all.
They are the same originating heart reality. Intimacy with the physical is the primary means. The attempt to reduce the physical to realize the subtle or causal heart is not required and disturbs our heart and life.
Yoga is not about self-consciously trying to realize anything. That creates the false identity of one who is seeking. It is surrender participating in what is already true. We are completely nurtured. This we can depend on any time in the future. Just wait relax and be healed. If there is pain it is the healing. The nurturing is always operating and cannot be lost in the extreme wonder and intelligence of the universe always functioning to maximum degree to keep you well and happy… like a mother does!

Esalen Talk 8/13/09

Mark speaks recently at Esalen, California. His friend John Patrick was visiting. He had moved in his life from praticing as a monk in a religious order to become a yogi. Mark discusses the dissociation of meditation (as if it it is something you can do as a separate practice) from its Yoga context. “The Buddha was a Yogi, not a meditator” The pervasive doctrinal social influence to abide as witness consciousness diminishes the value of experience and creates conflict with ordinary experience including and especially sex, the the extreme intelligence of ordinary Life. The Buddhist, Vedantic or Christian monastic life, going within, has destroyed the value of the individual and all natural relationship. “It is intimacy we want, not enlightenment.” The very concept of enlightenment is only a power mechanism, a hoax that has destroyed humanity’s inherent intimacy with life. Yoga is a the return to intimacy for everyOne. Yoga is direct embrace of reality, which is only nurturing, abundance and continuity. Yoga is the embrace of all ordinary experience, not merely to be aware or witness experience. Then we spontaneously feel the Source of all experience.

Esalen baths


U G Krishnamurti said that to me over and over again. I saw the photo images of the bloody crying children and grown ups in Gaza. So to everyOne right now. everyWhere STOP please. Enjoy your life. Right now enjoy what is Given, the deep profound intimacy with everyThing. Please stop dramatizing  the generational abuse that  pervades society and societies in conflict with each other. Stop. stop enjoy your Life. Even this pain is part of mother nature’s nurturing force. She is saying stop, heal,  rest.. please. Please stop. It is amazing to me the anti war film in animation that just came out of Israel. Thank you to those kind brave men ex Israeli soldiers who made that film. Please see it and collectively OK? all of us right now…  stop!

REMINDER.. What is Yoga. AND you can do it. Actual and Natural, Daily. Not obsessively

Hello everyOne. Have a peace full 2009. Do this for yourself and our suffering world. It will catch on. I like R.E.M. last album Accelerate… full of 2 minute songs like the early days of pop. First track is… Living Well is the best Defense.
I am so glad Michelle and Barack will be in the White House. You could not have made it up. Would have been a good movie. A black couple with a Islamic name ruling America. It is the worst of times and the best of times.
I just wanted to remind everyone of the basic stuff. Here it is…
Yoga is the natural means of every person’s direct participation in the nurturing source of life. Through intimate relationships of every kind we realize this healing force, because life is about relationships. In Hatha Yoga,  ha is masculine and tha is feminine.

Hatha Yoga has come out of the vast ancient tradition of Tantra, which is non-dual in its philosophy and based on the understanding that the source of life cannot be separate from the ordinary seen conditions of life. An asana practice is participation in the union of all opposites: left/right, above/below, front/back, inhalation/exhalation, inner/outer, spirit/form. All these opposites contain the male/female equation of life already in perfect union. Hatha Yoga is strength that is receiving.

Three of the most important relationships in my life have been with my teachers, U.G. Krishnamurti, Krishnamacharya and my mother. They were perfect examples of the complete mutuality of male and female character, absolutely strong yet totally receptive at the same time.

Krishnamurti used to tell me, “A yogi is genderless.” He believed that both genders are entirely active and neither one is dominant. Krishnamacharya’s view was that the non-dual practice of yoga is necessary to be intimate with life in every way. My mother taught me that we are all loved and cared for, and we love and care even if the limitations of our circumstances seem to be suggesting otherwise. She had a caring tangible emotional connection to all things.

All of my teachers helped me understand that in our culture, the feminine aspect has been devalued, due to the prevailing social patterns of male control. Men lose out too because it is as much a denial of men as it is of women. Motherhood and intimacy have suffered, and we have very little sexual wisdom in contemporary life. Yoga philosophy is totally the opposite. By embracing experience, we will know the source of experience.

If we really practice Hatha Yoga in all its aspects, we become more interested and able to receive life. The whole body is where opposites have perfectly merged. Sometimes it is felt as a measureless depth, an actual location to the right of the physical heart, the portal between source and seen conditions. It is the first cell of life where spirit took form as the union of male and female, and from which the whole spine and cakras flower.

The left/right, above/below, within/without, male/female qualities of life are already in union. I saw this in all of my teachers, but especially in U.G. Krishnamurti. He was a living example of how spiritual transmission can only occur in equal and mutually chosen friendship, not in the more common social dynamic of teacher/student power inequity. This mutuality is one of the vital transforming functions of yoga.

When we understand that we do not have to look for god or truth, yoga begins. The substance of reality comes bubbling through, and the current of life flows through us. We find this nurturing force in our natural state and all our relationships. We do not have to sacrifice our own health and pleasure to save this world. In fact, it gives us the kind of energy we need to work tirelessly to ease the needless suffering everywhere.

Tribute to UG Krishnamurti

We recently met up with Domagoj Orlic in London. He came all the way from Croatia by train to see Mark and take part in one of the workshops. As a close friend of Mark’s, Domagoj naturally has been touched and influenced by UG’s message. He has kindly given us permission to publish a poem he has written as a tribute to the great man. (Although if you could ask UG he would insist that he has no message to give, so just give up trying to find one!)

The Pointlessness of Life

Life has no point,
But it’s not pointless.

The point is to survive,
But it’s pointless to fight.

Struggle is already natural to life,
So why struggle?

There is no destination,
Either final or any other kind for that matter;
There is just travelling from one point to another.

And those points aren’t really points,
Only temporary resting places on our zigzag line towards the abode of eternal rest.

And I guess, the arrival will be as refreshing as the travel is tiring,
Or the other way round.
Who can tell, anyhow?

So, forget about life and death, struggle and rest, pointfullness or pointlessness of it all!

Isn’t it nice just to be alive and enjoy the connectedness to that
Something that beats our hearts and moves our breath?

Isn’t it good just to die when the time comes,
Even if many points are missed?

Isn’t it profoundly romantic just to love our natural condition of living a pointless life
And dying a pointless death,
Of being utterly lost between two non-existent points of our existential disorientation?

What more could we possibly want?
What more is there, anyway?

For reaching a point is really pointless,
As never leaving a point is actually impossible.

Life indeed is a mystery, and so is death!
And love,
As a pointless connection between these two extreme pointless points,
Is the greatest riddle of them all!

And in my experience,
There is neither a way in nor a way out of it.

So, help us God!

Or more to the point:
Not even God can help us,
Because we are both helpless and beyond any help,
Just as everything is altogether pointless and beyond any recognition whatsoever!

written by Domagoj Orlic

In Loving Memory of UG

We have sadly received news this morning of UG Krishnamurti’s death. He was a close friend to Mark, always challenging and supporting him, demonstrating by his sheer presence how yoga is participation in our natural state. While he would neither consider himself spiritual nor a teacher, he is the most powerful one Mark has been with. In loving memory.


Follow this link to read UG’s obituary