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Just a reminder that we have created a comments page above for you to speak. Please feel free to share, inquire, insights, reports on teaching events, “statements, reports, questions.” Particularly useful are personal accounts of yoga/life experience, evolution. Please click on “Comments” above to get to the page.

Become Mark’s Friend!!

Here’s an open invitation for anyone to become Mark’s friend on either Facebook or MySpace. It’s a fun way to connect with other yogis around the world. His username on MySpace is Heart of Yoga and on Facebook it is Mark Whitwell.
Also, if you haven’t yet, please check out the music we have up on iTunes. A wonderful album created by Mark, Shanee, and Reem from Tel Aviv. Beautiful music with chanting and vocals. Perfect for yoga practice, meditation, massage, acupuncture, or just chilling out. Please follow this link to reach iTunes and to listen to short clips of some of the songs.

Being Yoga in Ft Lauderdale

This video was just posted on youtube by Omega who is hosting the Being Yoga Conference in Ft Lauderdale this November. It is a short clip of Mark explaining that there is only one true yoga- your yoga! No brands, just yoga.

Mark’s schedule at the conference is:
Saturday 11/3 1-3pm The Deep Dimensions of Yoga
Sunday 11/4 9-11am Meditation Arising
For class descriptions please read under schedule, or click here to go to the conference’s website

Tribute to UG Krishnamurti

We recently met up with Domagoj Orlic in London. He came all the way from Croatia by train to see Mark and take part in one of the workshops. As a close friend of Mark’s, Domagoj naturally has been touched and influenced by UG’s message. He has kindly given us permission to publish a poem he has written as a tribute to the great man. (Although if you could ask UG he would insist that he has no message to give, so just give up trying to find one!)

The Pointlessness of Life

Life has no point,
But it’s not pointless.

The point is to survive,
But it’s pointless to fight.

Struggle is already natural to life,
So why struggle?

There is no destination,
Either final or any other kind for that matter;
There is just travelling from one point to another.

And those points aren’t really points,
Only temporary resting places on our zigzag line towards the abode of eternal rest.

And I guess, the arrival will be as refreshing as the travel is tiring,
Or the other way round.
Who can tell, anyhow?

So, forget about life and death, struggle and rest, pointfullness or pointlessness of it all!

Isn’t it nice just to be alive and enjoy the connectedness to that
Something that beats our hearts and moves our breath?

Isn’t it good just to die when the time comes,
Even if many points are missed?

Isn’t it profoundly romantic just to love our natural condition of living a pointless life
And dying a pointless death,
Of being utterly lost between two non-existent points of our existential disorientation?

What more could we possibly want?
What more is there, anyway?

For reaching a point is really pointless,
As never leaving a point is actually impossible.

Life indeed is a mystery, and so is death!
And love,
As a pointless connection between these two extreme pointless points,
Is the greatest riddle of them all!

And in my experience,
There is neither a way in nor a way out of it.

So, help us God!

Or more to the point:
Not even God can help us,
Because we are both helpless and beyond any help,
Just as everything is altogether pointless and beyond any recognition whatsoever!

written by Domagoj Orlic

In Loving Memory of UG

We have sadly received news this morning of UG Krishnamurti’s death. He was a close friend to Mark, always challenging and supporting him, demonstrating by his sheer presence how yoga is participation in our natural state. While he would neither consider himself spiritual nor a teacher, he is the most powerful one Mark has been with. In loving memory.


Follow this link to read UG’s obituary